Lakeview Project

(E29/577) - 80% Encounter, 20% Avoca

A detailed gravity survey was completed over a discrete magnetic anomaly in the east of the Lakeview project. The survey successfully defined a circular gravity low over the magnetic body that is likely to be associated with the increased weathering of the magnetic body.

A series of five 1km spaced aircore traverses were drilled to test for near surface uranium mineralisation associated with an interpreted palaeochannel position to the south of Lake Raeside. In addition, two holes were drilled to test the base of the palaeochannel for 'roll-front' style uranium mineralisation. The results from this drilling did not identify any significant uranium mineralisation. The focus of the program will now move to the main radiometric anomaly on the lake where previous explorers reported the discovery of uranium mineralisation within lake sediments.

Although diamonds are not the core focus of Encounter, this target is considered to be a high quality opportunity. A drilling program will test the southern of the two anomalies to determine the lithology and prospectivity of the defined geophysical targets.

Lake View