Shackleton Project

(E70/2957) - Encounter 80%, Avoca 20%

The Shackleton Project is located within the wheatbelt of WA, within 200kms from Perth. This project was secured in March 2006 following the release of the CRC-LEME laterite dataset for the South West Yilgarn. This project covers the standout laterite geochemical uranium sample clusters within this extensive dataset.

Infill laterite sampling to locate possible higher grade, discrete zones of uranium geochemical anomalism has been completed at Shackleton. This sampling was completed at 500m spacing along public roads and tracks.

Elevated uranium values at Shackleton were shown to be associated with a region of outcropping uranium rich granites. The level of uranium anomalism in outcrop is not considered significant and no further work is planned at the project.